Yvonne Menear

Yvonne Menear lives in Langley, British Columbia, and is an international speaker and educator for the home sewing industry. She concentrates on teaching quilting, machine embroidery, quilt design, digitizing machine embroidery, and teaching basic computer skills for the home sewer.

As a quilter and machine embroidery individual, I learned very quickly that I could do so much more with my computerized machines if I knew how to use the computer and all the different programs that support our quilt designing and machine embroidery designing. Using the internet for information and resources for products really helped me to grow in my love of sewing. I realized this is the type of information others needed to have also, so I began my teaching career. I had all ready retired from my career as a dental hygienist of 40 years to now become even busier with my career of teaching sewing and all the related topics.

I have written many magazine articles over the years about quilting and machine embroidery and recently had the opportunity to work with the Electric Quilt Company in developing their newest software that incorporates the ability to digitize machine embroidery designs in the EQ7 quilt design software. The new EQStitch program was recently launched and I published a book about using the EQStitch program. As a result of this, I now travel internationally teaching quilt designing and digitizing machine embroidery.

I have an ongoing machine embroidery club that meets once a month in Langley, British Columbia, Canada, and new members are always welcome. I also sponsored a retreat weekend dedicated to studying the EQ7/EQStitch software programs in June 2013. This is now an annual retreat that meets in different locations. I also hold an annual retreat for machine embroidery each September. I have taught at the Houston International Quilt festival and I am teaching more often through my EQStitch Yahoo website, my YouTube website, and will have upcoming online classes for the EQStitch program.

Yvonne's Classes