Class Questions

Do I need to be logged in to EQU when the class starts?

No, EQU online classes do not require that you be in class at a certain time. A new lesson will be posted every week and will always be available to you. The instructor, however, will only be available to answer questions during the session time. We recommend finishing the current lesson before a new one is posted, so you don’t feel behind in the Q&A discussions. 

I wasn’t able to start at the beginning of the session. Is it okay to ask questions about a previous lesson?

Absolutely. The instructor is available to help you with ANY lesson for the duration of the session.

I’ve enrolled in a class, but when I log in and view my class, none of the lessons are available. Why?

Although you are enrolled, the session has not begun. See the dates listed on the right of your Homeroom page.

I’m using EQ7 for Mac. Can I still take the class?

Yes. The EQ7 classes work for both Windows and Mac users.

I signed up for the Quick Start class. Is the class session really that long? I can’t commit that much time to this class.

The Quick Start class is a free class from The Electric Quilt Company that lets you test out EQU free of charge. There is no teacher for this class, and no specific lesson dates. Once you sign up for the session, you have access to the forum for the published session dates, usually several months at a time. Once the session closes, the forum will be turned off, but you will continue to have access to the rest of the features of the class.


Website Questions

Why can’t I enroll in a class until a specified date?

Class sessions are sometimes scheduled several months in advance. While these are published dates, they are still subject to change, therefore enrollment will not open until 8 weeks prior to the start of the class.

Why do I need a hall pass for some classes?

“Series” classes have prerequisites, which are requirements that must be completed before enrolling in the next class in the series. Some classes have previously been taught at Quilt University, another online class website that is no longer active. If you have previously taken the prerequisite courses at Quilt University, we can issue a hall pass to bypass the prerequisite restriction. Hall passes are handled on an individual basis and by request from the student.

I can’t login to my account. It says no user exists. What’s wrong?

You need to create an account first. You cannot use the same login credentials as (unless you purposely create the account with the same information). See Account Help for more information.

Is there sales tax for EQU classes?

No, we do not charge sales tax for online classes.

Why aren’t the videos in the classes playing correctly?

Video problems in the classes are usually caused by out of date versions of Adobe Flash or the web browser you are using to view EQU.

To update Adobe Flash, download and install the latest version at the web site below. If you are using Google Chrome, Adobe Flash is built into your web browser and you can skip this step.

To update your web browser, visit the web site below and follow the directions for the web browser you are using to view EQU:

If both your Adobe Flash and your web browser are up to date and you are still having video issues, try clearing out your browser cache:’s-Cache