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Next EQ Academy is Spring 2025.
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EQ Academy is a workshop, hosted by the Electric Quilt Company, dedicated to learning Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8) software. You'll gain the tools you need to get the most out of your EQ8, while having some fun! Classes are offered as full-day (6 hours) and half-day (3 hours) options. Scroll down to see classes; click on them for full details. Read a recap and see photos of our last EQ Academy event here!

The event is located in Perrysburg, Ohio just south of Toledo. The address is 1655 N Wilkinson Way, Perrysburg, OH 43551 (view on map).

Be sure to check out these local quilt shops near EQ Academy! Most offer special deals just for students!

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Below are some of the popular classes offered at EQ Academy!

Official class offerings will be posted later this year.


Getting Started with EQ8 (2-day)

Are you new to EQ8? Have you owned earlier versions but just didn’t use the software? This class is perfect for beginner EQ8 users needing the full-EQ experience. Take an in-depth tour through the software to get a better understanding of the three worktables, the Project Sketchbook, and how to navigate the entire workspace so you can design your own beautiful blocks and quilts!

Join us for this two-day course and learn the tools for basic quilt designing. Edit blocks from the EQ Block Library to make them work for your quilt. Add borders of different widths and styles. Discover one of the many ways to expand your EQ8 software by adding more fabric. Study the many pattern-printing options available and learn how to find yardage estimates.

The best way to learn is by doing. You will learn so much as you practice and repeat steps, and it will never get boring because you’re creating beautiful quilts and blocks along the way! As your skills improve, you’ll no longer need step-by-step help. You will take home the skills and confidence to work independently in EQ8.

This is a 2-day class. Enrolling in this class requires that you attend both days.

Note: This class was offered at previous EQ Academy workshops and will cover similar material.


Break Free from the Grid: Non-Traditional Layouts

*This is an intermediate-level class. You should have already taken a beginner-level class, or have a strong understanding of EQ8′s features before taking this class.*

Think outside the box! Not every quilt is made of equal-sized blocks. EQ8’s Custom Set layout is like starting with a large design wall and placing blocks of different sizes next to one another to create beautiful quilts. Using a combination of the Set Block tool and the Adjust tool is where the magic happens.

This full-day class will concentrate on the Custom Set layout style on the Quilt Worktable. You’ll design a custom quilt from scratch, manipulate layouts from the Layout Library, plus you’ll learn a fun trick for instantly creating a quilt layout from a block that you drew yourself.

You’ll have fun as you learn to set, rotate, flip, resize, stack, clip, and manipulate multiple blocks at once. The irregular layouts can be used over and over to create t-shirt quilts, photo quilts, modern quilts, folk-art style, applique, pieced, and the possibilities go on and on.

Note: This class was offered at previous EQ Academy workshops and will cover the same material.


Adding Fabrics and Photos to EQ8

This half-day class will show you how simple it is to add your own fabrics and panels to EQ8. Learn how to import fabrics, straighten, scale, crop, and add the fabrics to your Favorites library! Discover the differences between fabrics and panels and how to edit them for your design.

Using photos in your quilt is very similar to how you would use fabrics. Learn the difference between photos and fabrics, import photos for use in a photo quilt, and discover new ways to use photos that you may not have even imagined.

Note: This class was offered at previous EQ Academy workshops and will cover the same material.


Design with EQ8 and AccuQuilt GO!

In this class, we will combine the power of EQ8 quilt design with the ease of fabric die cutting. The AccuQuilt GO! Qube system is made up of building blocks in a four-patch design grid that make up some of the most common blocks already available in Electric Quilt. Use those blocks to design beautiful quilts, try colors and fabrics and then when you are ready, use your AccuQuilt GO! Cutter to cut your fabric.

Please note: This class will focus on the EQ8 design process for compatible blocks and quilts. No die cutters will be used.
This class was offered at previous EQ Academy workshops and will cover the same material.


Designing T-Shirt Quilts in EQ8

Ready to make a t-shirt quilt, but you don’t know where to start? EQ8 has all the features you need to plan out your t-shirt quilt design. In this class we’ll discuss how to prepare images of your t-shirt designs for importing into EQ8. We’ll discuss the types of layouts typically used for t-shirt quilts and how to create your own custom design. See your entire design before cutting your shirts! The techniques taught in this class can also be used to make quilts from a collection of orphan blocks.

Note: This class was offered at previous EQ Academy workshops and will cover the same material.

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