What is EQ At Home?

EQ At Home is a series of online video classes that will help you master your EQ software. On camera is EQ’s own Jenny Novinsky walking you through each step! These online classes will have you designing your own quilts fast and feeling confident. Plus, you’ll have easy access to help from the teacher! Watch the demo video here to see how it works.

How do I access the classes after I buy them?

Log in to your EQ Account and click on My EQ At Home classes to access all of the online classes that you have purchased. You can also click the link in your order confirmation email.

How long will I have access to the online classes?

You have access to the EQ8 EQ At Home online classes for the lifetime of EQ8 software. 

How does the bundle discount work?

Buy all three classes together and save $20.00! The classes are not live so you can watch them whenever you’d like and work at your own pace so buy them now and watch later! If you buy the classes separately, you pay $95.00 × 3 = $285. Bundle the classes in one order, you pay $265! Buying for yourself? Choose “Instant Access”. Buying as a gift? Choose “Gift Claim Codes”.

What language is used for the EQ At Home classes?

EQ At Home class videos and materials are in English. English language Closed Captioning is available on all videos

Can I give the EQ At Home classes as a gift?

Yes! We have a Gift Claim Code option that allows you to gift one or all of these classes. When you purchase the Gift Claim Code option you will be shipped a folder that is perfect for gift wrapping. The folder will contain a code and instructions that can be used by the gift recipient to claim their class.

Are the classes the same content as the EQ8 lesson books?

The classes are not the same content as our EQ8 lesson books.

Both the Lessons for Beginners book and the EQ At Home Beginner class cover beginner level topics and program fundamentals, however the content, such as projects, exercises, and order of presentation are different. You should pick the learning tool that works best for your learning style, or get both the book and the online classes to really get a strong foundation in EQ8.

There is no comparable book to the EQ At Home Next Steps or Master Skills classes.

What exactly is taught in the EQ At Home Beginner class?

You’ll learn the basics of navigating the three worktables in EQ8, as well as using the Block and Fabric Libraries. You’ll be taught how to add your designs to the sketchbook and save project files with confidence. You’ll create quilts and blocks from scratch, while learning the skills you need to design your own beautiful projects. To see a full list of topics covered in this class, download a PDF of the class outline.

What exactly is taught in the EQ At Home Next Steps class?

You’ll learn to use more advanced tools and features on all three worktables in EQ8. You’ll go beyond the basic Horizontal and On-Point layouts and explore the other quilt styles available on the Quilt Worktable. You’ll draw blocks from scratch on the Block Worktable and edit blocks from the library to customize the designs. You’ll explore the editing options on the Image Worktable and learn how to save items to the Favorites section of the libraries. To see a full list of topics covered in this class, download a PDF of the class outline.

What exactly is taught in the EQ At Home Master Skills class?

Round out your EQ8 knowledge by learning advanced techniques, tips, and tricks that aren’t part of any beginner lessons! You’ll explore more quilt layouts on the Quilt Worktable, and utilize the quilts available in the Layout Library. Learn to create new blocks using special tools, and master the Image worktable while working with photos. You’ll even be taught to adjust settings in EQ8 to tailor the program to your needs! To see a full list of topics covered in this class, download a PDF of the class outline here.

Is the EQ At Home Beginner class a prerequisite to take the other classes?

The EQ At Home Beginner class is not a prerequisite for the other classes, however, all EQ8 users can benefit from this first class in the EQ At Home series. It serves as a fantastic introduction for the new EQ8 owner AND a great refresher for those who have owned EQ for a while. The Next Steps and Master Skills classes will build on the concepts and exercises shared in the Beginner class so it is recommended that the Beginner class is taken prior to others. 

Is the EQ At Home Next Steps class a prerequisite to take the Master Skills class?

The EQ At Home Next Steps class is not a prerequisite for the Master Skills class, however, the Master Skills class will build upon the lessons and exercises learned in the Beginner and Next Steps classes. We highly recommend that you take the series of classes in order.

Should I enroll in online or in-person classes?

It really comes down to how you learn best. If you want hands-on learning with teachers and staff walking you through each step, we highly recommend in-person classes. You can’t beat the full, immersive experience of EQ Academy. Plus, you can take topic-based classes to really delve into an area of interest. You’ll meet other quilters, interact with EQ staff, enter to win prizes, take home goodies, and learn so much!

If you are unable to travel to Ohio, or you are simply more comfortable at home, you’ll definitely enjoy EQ At Home online classes. The series of classes is designed to take you through EQ8 in its entirety starting from a beginner level. You’ll start with the fundamentals, then build on them to master the program (and even pick up some tricks along the way!). EQ At Home classes are video based so you can pause, rewind, and re-watch as often as needed. You can contact the teacher for questions too! Watch a video about EQ At Home.

Comparing the EQ Academy two-day classes vs. the EQ At Home classes:

The EQ Academy Getting Started with EQ8 2-day class and the EQ At Home Beginner class both cover beginner level topics and program fundamentals. However, the content (such as projects, exercises, and order of presentation) is different.

The same can be said about the EQ Academy EQ8 Intermediate Techniques 2-day class and the EQ At Home Next Steps class. Both options will expand your EQ skills into higher-level features of the software.

There is no in-person version of the EQ at Home Master Skills class. This online class covers a variety of advanced topics.

You should choose the class format that works best for you:

EQ Academy classes: 
Attending EQ Academy for this class gives you two full days of live education. Working alongside your peers brings comfort knowing you’re all on the same EQ journey together. (Friendships often start at EQ Academy!) Being able to raise your hand and ask the teacher a question gives you instant feedback and clarification. Having the EQ staff available in the classroom is a huge bonus as you should never fall behind. Our staff works hard to make sure everyone stays on track and is fully understanding the concepts. Each teacher provides handouts to work through in class and/or to work on at home as resources down the road. Finally, a change of scenery is always a nice way to clear your mind and be inspired! 

EQ at Home classes:
Online classes are perfect for those who are unable to travel, have a busy work/life schedule, and for those who simply prefer to learn on their own, in their home, on their own time. The EQ at Home online class gives you hours of video content to work through at your own pace. Pause, take a break, and come back when it’s convenient for you. Did you not quite understand something? Rewind a bit to watch that part again. While the teacher and staff are not available to you 24/7, we are happy to help during business hours* via the online class forum or through our live chat system. You will have access to this class for the lifetime of Electric Quilt 8. Retake the class as many times as you need!

*Business hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00am-4:30pm ET. Closed on major US holidays. Summer hours are observed June-August.