EQ8 Next Steps Class

With Jenny Novinsky



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Class Overview

Continue your EQ8 journey with the second class in our EQ At Home online class series! This class will be available late Fall 2022. Pre-order now for a special discounted price! Pre-order customers will receive an email when the class is available. 

Class Topics

  • Go beyond the basic horizontal and on-point layouts and explore the other quilt styles available on the Quilt Worktable.
  • Draw blocks from scratch on the Block Worktable, and edit blocks from the library to customize the designs.
  • Explore the photo editing options on the Image Worktable.
  • Save fabrics and blocks to the Favorites section of the libraries.
  • Build on the skills you learned in the first class and take your EQ8 designs to the next level!

Class Includes

  • On-demand video content that you can work through at your own pace. You can watch (and re-watch!) the class whenever you like.
  • Videos are broken into easy-to-watch segments, so you can take breaks and come back to the class whenever your busy schedule allows.
  • Closed Captioning available on all videos.
  • Direct help from EQ staff using the Ask the Teacher form.
  • Gallery where you can share your quilts from class and see other students’ designs.

Who Should Take This Class

This class is designed to be the next step after the EQ At Home Beginner class. We highly recommend taking the Beginner class first.

As EQ8 owners, you have a powerful quilt design tool at your fingertips—make the most of it by building your foundation of EQ8 skills!

You will have access to this class for the lifetime of Electric Quilt 8.

EQ At Home Reviews

As an educator of 36 years teaching gifted students and 5 years of substitute teaching, I have evaluated many course curriculums. I found this class to be an effective way to learn EQ8. I know I will refer back to some of the chapters when I need help. You have a great product that should be purchased by everyone who owns EQ8.

Pam H - West Virginia, USA
EQ At Home Student

Wow! What a wonderfully knowledgeable teacher and a brilliant presentation. I have taken one-day classes that only taught me a fraction of the content of this course.

EQ At Home Student

The instructor is very clear about each step. She tells us what she is about to do, outlines the steps needed, explains each step and how to accomplish them, and then does them, repeating the steps. What I really liked was if I got lost, I could rewatch the video.

EQ At Home Student

To begin with, I took EQ online classes in the past and really missed them, so this class really fills in gaps for me! I thought I knew all the basics of the software but you showed me things that I was completely unaware of that will help me in the future!

EQ At Home Student

I found it very easy to follow and I liked that it was step by step instructions with no extra talking/conversation. Just straight and to the point! The segments are a perfect length to keep it manageable.

EQ At Home Student