Fall2018 - Beyond the Basics in EQ8


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Class Overview

Are you ready to move beyond the basics using your EQ8 software? Get a quick refresher of the basics and then dive right into more advanced designs and techniques. Learn tips and tricks for some of the subtle, yet powerful features of EQ8.

This class is the perfect next step for students who have completed the EQ8 Getting Started class at the Spring 2018 EQ Academy or who are enrolled in the EQ8 Getting Started class in the Fall 2018 EQ Academy. (Do NOT enroll in this class if you are also enrolled in Thursday’s “Exploring Intermediate Techniques in EQ8″ class.)

In this full-day class, you will spend time on all three worktables in EQ8. You’ll design non-traditional quilt layouts including strip quilts and irregular layouts. Learn to manipulate more advanced border styles, audition quilting stencils on top of your quilt, draw complex blocks, and create blocks without drawing at all!

Jump-start your creativity with short, feature-based tutorials on a wide range of topics like formulas for strip quilts, aligning borders, mixing your own colors, quilt labels, exporting, and more. You will take home from class an array of new ways to approach your designing.

Course Topics

  • Quick overview of the EQ basics
  • Creating custom quilts, strip quilts, on-point vs. variable point quilts, medallion quilts, and panel quilts
  • Understanding and creating tiled, aligned, and scalloped borders
  • Creating blocks with Serendipity
  • Drawing tricks for Dresden Plate and Mariner’s Compass-style pieced blocks
  • Using the Bezier tool for applique tracing
  • Building My Favorites Libraries of your designs
  • Exporting high resolution images for magazine submissions

Who Should Take this Course

  • Students who have completed or who are enrolled in the two-day Getting Started with EQ8 class.
  • Intermediate-level students with EQ8 knowledge in creating quilts and basic drawing.
  • Students who want to create and design quilts along-side other like-minded students in a creative, sharing and collaborative environment.

Course Includes

  • Small class size for optimal learning experience. 16 maximum students per class.
  • Handouts for creating all the designs created in class, including extra ones for practice at home!
  • Complete instructions for finding EQ8 help: When to get it? Where to go?
  • Classroom assistance from EQ staff.

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