Kari Schell

Award-winning quilter, Kari Schell is a pattern designer, Electric Quilt expert, and certified Art and Stitch instructor.  Her weekly blog at www.onpointquilter.com often includes videos which provide tips and demonstrations on practical uses of Electric Quilt for all levels of quilters.    

Kari Schell fills her home with over 100 quilts, mostly from her own designs – all of which were drafted using Electric Quilt! She has been using and teaching Electric Quilt since EQ4. Her designs have been featured in Mystery Quilt Retreats, Block of the Months and Shop Hops.

A few years ago, Kari took up ice skating and is now working on her Adult Silver Moves in the field and Pre-Bronze Ice Dances.  When she is not quilting, she can often be found at one of the many ice rinks in the Minneapolis area.

Kari's Classes

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