Design with EQ8 and AccuQuilt GO!

With Lori Miller


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Class Overview

In this class, we will combine the power of EQ8 quilt design with the ease of fabric die cutting. The AccuQuilt GO! Qube system is made up of building blocks in a four-patch design grid that make up some of the most common blocks already available in Electric Quilt. Use those blocks to design beautiful quilts, try colors and fabrics and then when you are ready, use your AccuQuilt GO! Cutter to cut your fabric.

Please note: This class will focus on the EQ8 design process for compatible blocks and quilts. No die cutters will be used.
This class was offered at previous EQ Academy workshops and will cover the same material.

Course Topics

  • Discover existing EQ8 blocks that are compatible with the GO! Qube System
  • Edit blocks to use the die cutting patch shapes
  • Create your own library of blocks to use in any project
  • Design beautiful quilts with your die cutter-compatible blocks
  • Tips to design your own blocks using EQ8 templates and rotary cutting charts
  • Class based on the GO! Qube 8” Mix and Match block set with tips to accommodate other size GO! Qubes.

Who Should Take this Course

  • Students with basic EQ8 knowledge
  • Students looking for information on how to use EQ8 in tandem with AccuQuilt GO! Qube 8” Mix and Match block set (class will closely cover the GO! Qube 8″ set, but will give tips on using other Qube block sets)

Course Includes

  • Handouts for all exercises completed in class
  • Classroom assistance from EQ staff

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