EQ Academy Questions

Do I have to fill my whole schedule to attend EQ Academy?

No, you can pick and choose which classes and how many classes you would like to take.

I’ve attended EQ Academy in the past. The classes used to be 1 class for 3 full days with the same teacher. Why the change?

With so many students returning to EQ Academy, we wanted to be able to offer a wider variety of class options for each student. Hopefully this will allow more advanced students to challenge themselves more.

Will there be any lectures from the teachers?

At this time, we are still undecided. In the past we would have a lecture night on Friday evening. This made for a really long day for the students and the teachers. We hope to have a decision on this soon.

Are there any activities outside of the class?

There are a few quilt shops in the area, plus a shopping center nearby. Once enrolled, more information will be available.

My husband/wife travels with me. Can he/she attend class with me without paying for the class?

This is not typically recommended, as there are only so many seats in each room. However, there is a lobby he/she could sit in while you are in class.

 EQ University Class Questions

Are you still offering EQ University online classes?

At this time, we are not offering EQ University classes. Find other EQ onlines classes here >

How do I access EQ University classes I have already purchased?

If you have previously enrolled in EQ University classes, you can still access them. They are yours forever. They can be found by clicking on My Classes and logging into your account.

 Website Questions

I can’t login to my account. It says no user exists. What’s wrong?

You need to create an account first. You cannot use the same login credentials as ElectricQuilt.com (unless you purposely create the account with the same information). See Account Help for more information.

Is there sales tax for EQ classes?

No, we do not charge sales tax for classes hosted by The Electric Quilt Company.

Why aren’t the videos in my EQ University classes playing correctly?

Video problems in the classes are usually caused by out of date versions of Adobe Flash or the web browser you are using to view EQU.

To update Adobe Flash, download and install the latest version at the web site below. If you are using Google Chrome, Adobe Flash is built into your web browser and you can skip this step.

To update your web browser, visit the web site below and follow the directions for the web browser you are using to view EQU:

If both your Adobe Flash and your web browser are up to date and you are still having video issues, try clearing out your browser cache: