Looking for an EQ class in your area?

Use the map below to find a class near you! Classes are marked with a blue icon map-icon on the map. Click on the icon for more information about the class. In the small info window that appears, click the View Local Class link for more details, or to print the class listing.

Taking an EQ Class?

EQ8 requires a connection to the internet to validate the license periodically. These 2 steps are all you need to validate your license. It’s quick and easy and it will help you be prepared for your class.

Before going to class:
1. Connect to the Internet.
2. Open EQ8. That’s it! Validation is done and you’re ready for class.

Visit our support site for more info: Before Taking an EQ Class.

If you need help, please contact EQ Tech Support.

Teaching an EQ Class?

Let us list your class on our class locator! Fill out the Teacher Credentials form, then we’ll give you access to list your class, plus all kinds of other resources!

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