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Electric Quilt 8 PowerPoint Lecture- The latest version of Electric Quilt (8) rolled out recently. It is very easy to use and is very intuitive! Ever wish that you could pull that quilt right out of your imagination and actually see it on a screen? To be able to re-draw, rotate; re-color print as a foundation or as a template instead of using graph paper and colored pencils? Wouldn’t it be fabulous to be able to design a quilt and be able to calculate the amount of fabric needed for the size you create? This lecture is a 45-55 minute PowerPoint lecture about features and benefits to using this particular software, and why it is my choice when I design my quilts and my patterns. I own other design software, but feel this EQ 8 version surpasses all of the ones out there, and I will tell you why! This lecture can be followed up with a separate 2 part workshop that includes a limited demo version students can download (only at the workshop) and design with on their own laptops (and for 14 days thereafter) to try it before considering a purchase. Spend less time designing and more time quilting with EQ8 is my motto!
Based in Houston, Texas.

Available for: Hands-on classes, In-store classes, Guild presentations