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Lauren MacDonald lives in northern Ontario (and visits Michigan every year). She taught computer classes for many years, so when she found out about quilt design software, she tried out two programs and bought Electric Quilt. Since then, she has used the quilt design software to help quilting friends transfer their ideas into quilts, to create projects for her guild newsletter, to create charity quilt projects for her quilt club and to design her own quilted projects, from Trend-Tex projects to Canada 150 quilts (approximately 2500 projects reside on two older computers and the current one!!). She has written several articles about using Electric Quilt in The Canadian Quilter (canadianquilter.com)
Lauren is enthusiastic about the latest version – Electric Quilt 8®. This improved program is immensely helpful to new users – it has become so helpful for design purposes that quilters are finding it indispensable to the quilt design process.
Supplies: For a group, it would be useful to have a projector on hand to connect to a computer.
Quilters may wish to bring a tablet or laptop with Electric Quilt 8 installed and activated (run it at least once at home with Internet access).

Available for: Hands-on classes, In-store classes, Guild presentations