Designing T-Shirt Quilts in EQ8

With Janice E. Frisch


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Class Overview

Ready to make a t-shirt quilt, but you don’t know where to start? EQ8 has all the features you need to plan out your t-shirt quilt design. In this class we’ll discuss how to prepare images of your t-shirt designs for importing into EQ8. We’ll discuss the types of layouts typically used for t-shirt quilts and how to create your own custom design. See your entire design before cutting your shirts! The techniques taught in this class can also be used to make quilts from a collection of orphan blocks.

Note: This class was offered at previous EQ Academy workshops and will cover the same material.

Course Topics

  • Discover the Quick Quilt t-shirt quilt project for inspiration
  • Measure and document each t-shirt design
  • Take photos or scans of the t-shirt and import into EQ8
  • Straighten, scale, and crop the t-shirt image for use in the layout
  • Set the t-shirt images into block spaces and add complementary sashing and spacers around them
  • Use the Eyedropper tool to pull colors from your t-shirts to plan colorways for your plain blocks, sashes, and borders

Who Should Take this Course

  • Students with intermediate EQ8 knowledge
  • Students wanting to make t-shirt quilts or any type of photo-quilt projects
  • Students wanting to make a quilt from orphan blocks

Course Includes

  • Handouts for creating the designs created in class, including extra ones for practice at home
  • Tips for how to prepare your t-shirts for cutting and sewing as well as photography
  • Classroom assistance from EQ staff

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