Fall2018 - Drawing Applique Blocks in EQ8

Cancelled Class:

Due to low enrollment, this class has been cancelled. If you’re looking for a block drawing class, please consider the Drawing Blocks in EQ8 class.

Class Overview

Attention applique lovers—this class is for you!

Applique is a perfect way to customize any quilt project. Plus, it’s a great way to use fabric scraps and what quilter doesn’t have fabric scraps? You’ll love this class because it makes creating cute applique designs so easy to do. If you can drag your mouse, then you can create an applique patch in EQ8!

This half-day class will teach you how to clone, rotate, and manipulate pre-defined shapes to create petals, teardrops, leaves, circles, stems, hearts, diamonds, stars… the list goes on and on. Learn to use the Wreathmaker, StarMaker, PosieMaker, StencilMaker, and more.

You’ll also expand your drawing skills as you learn to draw with the Bezier and Freehand tools to create applique from scratch or by tracing a photograph. Learn to manipulate curves by adding and deleting nodes and reshaping the line segments between two nodes. You’ll examine how nodes are controlled, plus much more as you create realistic applique designs.

Note: This class is a more in-depth look into the techniques of designing applique blocks than what you would learn in the Saturday morning “Drawing Blocks in EQ8” class. This class will focus strictly on applique block drawing, while the Saturday “Drawing Blocks in EQ8” class will cover all the block drawing styles.

Course Topics

  • Move, resize, rotate, flip, clone, and stack patches using the Shapes tool.
  • Create dozens of applique blocks with the 20 pre-defined shapes in EQ8.
  • Learn the difference between blocks and motifs in EQ8 and how to use them.
  • Combine existing patches from Library blocks to create new blocks.
  • Use the Bezier tool and Freehand tool to create smooth curves.
  • Edit node properties allowing for more natural and intricate shapes.
  • Import images for tracing.
  • Learn tips and tricks for tracing images.

Who Should Take this Course

  • Confident beginner- to intermediate-level students with basic EQ8 knowledge.
  • Students who are interested in creating their own applique block designs and using them in quilts.

Course Includes

  • Small class size for optimal learning experience. 16 maximum students per class.
  • Handouts for all the designs created in class.
  • Classroom assistance from EQ staff.

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