Fall2018 - Drawing Pieced Blocks in EQ8

Cancelled Class:

Due to low enrollment, this class has been cancelled. If you’re looking for a block drawing class, please consider the Drawing Blocks in EQ8 class.

Class Overview

So many pieced blocks, so little time! In this half-day class you’ll learn how to use the two pieced-drawing styles in EQ8—EasyDraw and PolyDraw—to create your own block designs.

Working in EasyDraw is like drawing with paper and pencil. You’ll learn the “rules” of EasyDraw and how to properly set up your workspace and snap settings for successful drawing. Discover how determining a block’s grid will help you draw it AND what sizes will be easiest to sew when you print the patterns.

PolyDraw blocks are drawn patch-by-patch. Learn how to use the specialized grids to their full potential and how fun it is to fill in a block using the clone-and-rotate method.

Not only will you be drawing blocks from scratch, but you’ll also learn how to edit existing blocks from the library. The block possibilities will be endless when you’ve completed this class!

Note: This class is a more in-depth look into the techniques of drawing basic pieced blocks than what you would learn in the Saturday morning “Drawing Blocks in EQ8” class. This class will focus strictly on pieced block drawing (using the EasyDraw and PolyDraw tools), while the Saturday “Drawing Blocks in EQ8” class will cover all the block drawing styles. Techniques for drawing foundation-pieced blocks (paper piecing) will be taught in the Saturday afternoon “Drawing Foundation-Pieced Blocks” class.

Course Topics

  • Learn how to find the block’s grid.
  • Set up block dimensions and snaps based on the grid.
  • Learn which drawing style (EasyDraw or PolyDraw) is appropriate for the block you want to create.
  • Edit blocks from the library.
  • Determine appropriate sizes for blocks to make them easier to sew.
  • Print patterns for the blocks.

Who Should Take this Course

  • Beginner- to intermediate-level students with basic EQ8 knowledge.
  • Students who are interested in creating their own pieced block designs and using them in quilts.

Course Includes

  • Small class size for optimal learning experience. 16 maximum students per class.
  • Handouts for all the designs created in class.
  • Classroom assistance from EQ staff.

EQ Academy Reviews

I was pleasantly surprised – after the first day of the 2 day beginner’s class, I could have left happy with what I learned. Highly recommend.

Sandra L - Pennsylvania, USA
EQ Academy Student

Thoroughly enjoyed my EQ classes. Instructors and those helping were outstanding. Well-structured lessons and handouts were excellent.

Jeanne G - Georgia, USA
EQ Academy Student

This is my first EQ Academy. I learned so much. The whole experience far exceeded any expectations I had. I will certainly be back for many more.

Celia T - Oklahoma, USA
EQ Academy Student

This was my first time at the EQ Academy. And it was worth the wait! I learned so much, and came back home and started using what I learned right away. Created my first table runner in EQ8 and actually finished it. Can’t wait to start another project AND attend another class. Thank you for everything.

Cindy W - Georgia, USA
EQ Academy Student

This was a fantastic, energetic, & fun experience learning the EQ8 software. I couldn’t have asked for better instructors. They really wanted you to learn & were so helpful. I would highly recommend signing up for these classes. Thanks to EQ for having these in-person classes.

Catherine H - Kentucky, USA
EQ Academy Student

I am so glad I went. I learned so much. Thank you again for a great learning experience.

Janice B - Michigan, USA
EQ Academy Student

This was an incredible experience and I learned so much! Staff was exceptional and were very patient with all of our questions. I’m looking forward to using EQ8 , thank you to all who helped provide this Academy!

Diane S - Nebraska, USA
EQ Academy Student