New York Beauty Quilts in EQ8

With Nancy Roelfsema


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Class Overview

Elegant curves and radiating spikes are the trademark of the New York Beauty quilt. These quilts look complex, but are easy to design in EQ8 when you apply the skills you’ll learn in this half-day class. From block design to quilt layout to printing the foundations, this class takes a comprehensive look at the New York Beauty style.

You’ll use NYB blocks from the library and draw your own from scratch. Using the Arc and Edit tools makes creating your own original designs easier than you think! Learn how to color the blocks for stunning effects and add new fabrics to your project.

On the Quilt Worktable, you’ll explore different layouts that work well for NYB style quilts and play with borders that will frame your designs beautifully. Finally, you’ll learn how to print what you need to make your quilt!

Course Topics

  • Draw NYB blocks from scratch, and use the blocks from the Block Library
  • Design a NYB style quilt from start to finish, and explore layouts perfect for this quilt style
  • Experiment with borders to finish your design
  • Review printing options: foundation patterns, template, rotary cutting charts, and yardage estimates

Who Should Take this Course

  • Confident beginner- to intermediate-level students with basic EQ8 knowledge.
  • Students interested in New York Beauty-style blocks and quilts

Course Includes

  • Handouts covering lesson material
  • Classroom assistance from EQ staff

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